Welcome to Portishead Playgroups

(Soon to be Portishead Pre-School)



Portishead Playgroups (soon to be Portishead Pre-School) consists of two fantastic settings; Hilltop Pre-School and Brampton Pre-School, situated in the town of Portishead, North Somerset. In 2014, Portishead Playgroups celebrated its 50th year of providing excellent pre-school education to the children of Portishead.

Since its foundation in 1964, Portishead Pre-School has operated from a number of locations before finally adopting the current premises.  Portishead Playgroups became a Registered Charity in 1988 and is due to be renamed in 2018 as Portishead Pre-School.   Having adopted the Pre-School Learning Constitution, it is run by a voluntary Management Committee and is regulated by OFSTED.

Please complete online admission form or
contact either setting for more information.
Brampton Pre-School 01275 817834 or
Hilltop Pre-School 01275 390947