Thank You

Thank You

Thank you for all the cards and gifts given to both teams at Brampton & Hilltop Pre-Schools, the team have been overwhelmed by your generosity. It was lovely to see so many families attend the end of year parties and have the opportunity to say goodbye. End of year is always tinged with a little sadness with families moving on however your children have so much to look forward to on their continued learning journey and we thank you for enabling us to be part of it.

We would like to wish the children who are going to school the very best, and hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Both Pre-Schools are now closed for the summer holiday and will reopen on Tuesday 4th September (new families have been invited to an induction on the 4th). Emails and telephone messages can still be left although they will not be answered before September.

Sarah, Claire & Sue
Brampton & Hilltop Pre-Schools

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