Re-opening of the Pre-Schools

Re-opening of the Pre-Schools

First of all we would like to thank you for your good wishes and emails regarding the re-opening of pre-school. We have been working closely with committee to plan for a date to re-open. Due to staff being furloughed and time constraints we are now planning to re-open on Monday 8th June.

We have received a number of emails enquiring what the pre-school will be like for the children when we return, therefore I have attached the latest risk assessment that we have put in place for when re-open. I have listed a few main points below which have been a recurring theme in emails we’ve received.

  • We will be using staggered start and finish times to enable a social distanced approach to drop off and pick ups and staff will at times be wearing increased PPE.
  • Children will be collected from the main gate at Brampton and side gate at Hilltop by a staff member, as parents will not be permitted into the building. We will not be able to store bikes/scooter/pushchairs during this period.
  • No toys from home will be permitted.
  • Only children that attend all day will be able to stay for lunch.
  • We will not be offering any changes to sessions children already attend.
  • There will be a cap of 15 children per session, although due to the nature of how we operate children will mix with other children through-out the week.
  •  We will allow children who attend other provisions (as well as the pre-school) to attend preschool to support working parents.
  • Equipment/toys will be washed after each session.
  • Children will be helped to wash hands when entering pre-school and hand washing will have an increased focus throughout the session/day.
  • Children who are unwell or displaying symptoms of illness will not be permitted into pre-school until well.
  • We will where possible use small group work however we will not be able to prevent children from interacting through-out the session/day.

This list is not exhaustive and there will be activities on going that we will need to amend to help minimise cross infection. We want to reassure you that although we have put these measure in place, we are still the same people and will continue to support and teach your children in a caring and fun environment.

Please check your emails and our pre-school website for updates going forward. We look forward to seeing those of you who are returning, and wish others a lovely summer.

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